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Name: Scorpia
Birthday: Oct 25 1995
Location: New York
Gender: Female
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Hey there! This is Scorpia, if you can't tell I'm a Scorpio ha-ha. I've been into magic and witchcraft my whole life. I probably have about 15 years' experience though if you'd like to be technical. I'm not a judgmental person which makes me very open to all forms of religion/spirituality/beliefs, in fact I have quite a few of my own. I don't really like to label myself but if I had to choose a label, I would probably consider myself an eclectic solitary witch. I would choose that only because I don't like to box myself in to only learning one way of doing things and I LOVE to learn everything I can. I'm on here to learn about and share findings from my path and hopefully make some friends because no one in my life at the moment really understands or believes in the same things that I do. So don't be shy!
~ Scorpia