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Name: emalfkcrad
Birthday: Nov 25 1988
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Ive been studying witchcraft and demons and following left hand path for 1 year. I was guided here for more direct advice. Ive done some spells that worked fine. Working with deities helps a lot. If anyone has questions ill try to help with what worked for me. Otherwise i probably have as many questions as you. my favorite school subject was physics and chemistry. I still fantasize about working at LHC.
My background in magic- I would truly say my journey on the left hand path started 11 months ago. I was doing research on different religions and demons when I found a site called The Serpents Key. The lady Raven who run the site had real useful info. (You tube or her not shure, has removed 1/3 of videos once there. She has also in proccess of making new site. Still some useful info for beginners though.) Because of her information I decided to follow Lucifarinism. Over past 8 months ive studied under 2 other sites. Black Witch Coven and Psycho Sorcerer. I have learned a lot over this time.
Music: Im kinda picky. My favorites are Twizted, ICP, Harley Poe, Pink Floyd and most 1960's and some 1940's.
TV: I love anime. Inuasha was my first anime. Id do favorites but there are too many.
Books/Reading: aside from Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 1-3 and a few other fun reads; most are physics and psychology books.
--You could say ive always loved nature and am the same kid that never stopped asking questions. Played with bugs and studied them without realizing it. In 8th grade I discovered the world was made of atoms. Blew my mind.. Up to a year ago that was my favorite subject to study.