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Name: Rhododendron
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Rhododendron or Rho.

Feel free to message me, just please look through my bio first.

I'm a traditional folkloric witch. I'm solitary and prefer it that way. I'm an animist, an amateur wildcrafter, and a folk magick practicer. I heavily incorporate divination into my path, and most of my experience in the area lies in bone reading and pendulum reading, though I also practice with dice and a bow and arrow. I believe in many spirits. My practice is largely influenced by where I live and where my family has lived.

Outside of witchcraft, I am a college student, an aspiring author, and a reader. I'm part of the vulture culture community, and I also collect succulents. I love tea, weird podcasts, and cats. I dabble in archery, sculpture and pottery, body art, alternative fashion, and a number of other hobbies. I'm a feminist and a mental health, LGBTQ+ rights, and equal rights advocate.

Before you message me:

  • Please have a subject listed.
  • I don't do readings nor do I cast spells for others.
  • Do not flirt with me or bring up anything sexual. That's not what I'm on this site for.
  • I'm living with OCD, a mood disorder, posttraumatic stress, and severe dissociation, so if I take a while to message back it's probably not personal. Sometimes I just have to take a while to deal with things.
  • I'm fine with any sort of chat provided it's appropriate, just please have a topic in mind if you reach out to me.

Thanks for reading!