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Name: PurpleNikkon
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Hi guys! I'm PurpleNikkon!
I'm a teenage male who likes video games, anime, and psychology. I watch Naruto; I play Splatoon 2 and Pokemon; and I take psychology courses at NYU. (No, I'm not in college at 15, I just go to seminars and stuff.)
As for magic, even though I've practiced it for 2 years, I don't have a concrete belief, like Hoodoo or Wicca or Thelemian, etc. If any, I believe in cross-elemental magic (I don't know the official name), so stuff like fire + air = smoke, water + air = ice, that kind of stuff. Please mail me if you know the official name! I'm self taught, as I don't know anyone else who believes in magic (except online :D).
I specialize in air and wind magic; however, I have (as of writing this) recently begun to learn water magic. I will slowly but surely learn each element and cross-element.
My skills include (but are not limited to): aerokinesis (still working on that), spirit whispering, steam sigils, and wind and storm summoning.
So yeah, mail me, friend me, all that kind of good stuff.
Thanks for reading, and may the wind blow your way!