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Name: MuhammedTaha
Birthday: Jun 4 1999
Location: Pakistan
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 26 May 2024
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Today on 16 May 2023 date I had changed my photo and this is my new photo.

Hi! my name is Taha and my full name is Muhammed Taha. Hope you all are fine. I am also fine. I am victim of magic demons uncles and demons aunties had brought me here and they had made me to join this website. My magic is not working but I am here to learn magic. And I do not want to do sins. Even I do not want to accept anyone as my God and Goddess except God and Goddess of right religion. My religion was Islam but I had leave it and choose right religion and I do not know that which religion is right and which is wrong but I want right religion. I do not want to harm anyone who is innocent. And I want to learn that magic which is good and in which I do not have to do sins. But if I had to do sins in magic so I want to leave magic and I do not want to become a magician. But if I do not have to do sins in magic so I want to learn magic and become a magician. I am also hearing voices of demons uncles and aunties.