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Name: Cobblefrost
Location: Atlanta, GA 30344, USA
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Hello I'm Jaron Schade. I'm an adopted child,seventh born out of ten children, raised by loving
and sometimes overly concerned a guy who's fascinated
by the mystic arts and the mysterious ways of magic.
I wish to use Magik to enhance my knowledge of the world and to
protect/help others with it. I am a
Capricorn so I can be a bit competitive
I love water, my birth element is earth (I think)
I am intolerant of anything unjust or evil.
My main interests in using magic are discovering more about astral projection and using energy/chi.
I'm slightly clairvoyant and can lucid dream,I can sense auras and energies, and I'm able to communicate spiritually with nature (including both plants and animals).
I wish to create a school for the Wicca community to help others study magic as well as harness their skills in magic