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The Watchers
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Also known as the Guardians. The guardians are known as 'watchtowers'. These guardians are fixed at the four corners representing East, South, West, and North. Their function is to watch and guard the circle. Traditional witchcraft does not utilize the term 'watchtowers', but does call for guardians. These guardians,depending on your belief system can take the form of angels, ancestor, elementals or whatever form you want to see them as. As far as I have researched the concept of the 'watchers' or Nephilim dates back to Mesopotamia. It was believed there was an ancient race that came from the stars. During that time, possibly around 3000BCE, there were several 'star' cults. Much of the middle east,especially Persia (Iran) and the Nile Valley where the magi would use the concept of spiritual watchers into their belief system. The Jews, heavily influenced by the concept of spiritual beings incorporated them into their belief system and soon there was an established hierarchies of angels including fallen angels. According to legend, this race were so captivated by the women on earth, they took them and bred. At the time of course, I suppose this was not`t acceptable behavior and this race was cast out and became known as the watchers. In biblical terms, they are known as fallen angels,sons of god and some even go so far as to call them demons.Enochian magik makes use of this concept.

known since early Mesopotamia.
in the Book Of Genesis they are referred to as the "sons of God". In medieval magik they are referred to as the fallen angels who came to earth to teach humans the occult arts. They are named as follows:
Aragiel- taught the signs of the earth
Aromaros-taught enchantments
Azazel- taught sword making
Ezequeel-taught knowledge of the clouds
Gadreel-taight the art of making weapons of war
Kokabeel-taught the mysteries of the stars
Penemue-taught writings
Sariel-taught knowledge of the moon
Semjaza-taught herbal enchantments
Shamshiel How does a pagan belief such as witchcraft, wicca , shamanism, etc. have anything to do with pre-Christian- Judaic concepts and beliefs in angels and sons of god? The history of witchcraft, as true witchcraft is that of magik and sorcery and is traced back to Mesopotamia and the Middle East. The magicians were called Magi. There were many polytheistic belief systems at the time and a belief in spiritual beings and interaction with them was common. From here we get Egyptian magik, Mesopotamia magik and cults. Eventually these people traveled , settled and spread their belief systems to other people in other lands. Around 500 BCE, the Celts met a lost tribe of people, called the Prytani. The Germans came to call them elves and later Pixies and then that became Picts. Some people just called them heathens, the ones who lived on the harsh heath. Whether this tribe has anything to do with travelers from the middle east, I do not know, but The Celts wrote of many legends of different lost races.

This is a very brief explanation of the history and you may find more on the real origins of witchcraft and learn about the meanings of magi and magik. Magi is the oldest term I can find that means magician and reflects magik and sorcery.Wicca, wizard, wicce and witch come later in history and have their origins in old English. This brief explanation is meant to be an introduction into the incorporation of 'watchers', watchers of the tower, guardians, sons of gods, fallen angels, etc. and how it all ties in together. It is also important to note the concept and importance of a 'watchtower' and 'watcher' in many religions, such as the tower of Babel, the towers of castles, the tower in the tarot, the name **"Magdalene" is said to mean, ‘watchtower’ or ‘tower of the flock’, there is said to be a royal bloodline of descendants of 'watchers', etc.. This also basically refers to a concept of a 'high place', a place to watch over. All these ideas and concepts I have presented here are basic and more details of them can be found on your own research. It is important to learn, study and realize just how ancient the roots of magik, sorcery and witchcraft (not wicca, which is new, but does incorporate many witchcraft concepts) really is and just how much has changed throughout history.

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Yes I would agree that is it important to search back. It is amazing...

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