Winged Cat Shifter Shifting Prep

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A spell to shift your mind to the mindset of a winged cat shifter. Very powerful.

Casting Instructions for 'Winged Cat Shifter Shifting Prep'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White candle (optional)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • White candle (optional)

Gods and goddesses, hear my cry
I wish to be a cat with wings to fly
I shall have cat forms of three
Shifted to from human me
The first is a normal cat, swift and small
The next is a large version, shoulder six feet tall,
The final is a neko, with cat ears and tail
This spell shall succeed and it shall not fail.
A subliminal shall assist
In my endless quest to shift
It shall soon awaken me
Pierce my body and make me free
Every affirmation takes immediate effect
Changing my mind, body, and flesh
Adding on to the power of the spell
To make it work, and work it shall.
I shall perform a spell very soon
I shall cast it on the next full moon
When I cast this spell to be
The affirmations take 100 times the effect on me
Coming in at swiftest speed
This powerful energy that I need!
This is my will, so mote it be!''

Then do the second spell on the next full moon. I will not post this spell yet as it is very powerful.
No side effects until the other spell is cast. This lets you absorb the power of the subliminals, to take effect with the power of magick. Listen to these after doing the spell, and they will be stored. If you cannot do the cat spell on the next full moon, the affirmations will drift away and you will have to repeat this.


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The description claims in mental shifting, which is possible, but the rest of this is completely physical. You cannot physically transform into anything. You are a human. In this lifetime, you will live as a human, and nothing will change that.

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