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Original Post:
by: Madam_Witch on Jan 26, 2019

My next herb of choice to write about is the nightshade plant, and nightshade is considered very toxic and should be handled with care. The plant comes to us from parts of Africa, Asia, and Europe and thanks to the internet is actually really easy to obtain. Nightshade reminds me off a weed, its tall and slender, and each berry has a prong or claw like appearance that reminds you of a precious stone in a ring. Aside from the berries and leaves being toxic the flower's on the nightshade are very appealing to the eye and they are a lovely shade of purple. The berries are also sweet to the taste, which actually makes the berries great snacks for animals. No worries though most animals are not harmed from this at all, what makes the berries so poisonous is the seeds which contain toxic alkaloids and they pass right through the digestive system of the consumer. On a magick note nightshade be used for conjuring, raising spirits, and putting casters into a trance like state that allows access to higher planes of existence, making this plant super beneficial to the witch. Hope you enjoyed the post and blessed be!