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Original Post:
by: LCaeonsoul on Dec 29, 2023

I thought I'd share this useful technique that I personally use for fortune telling

Step one- clear your mind and try and find a relaxing safe space, think about what you'd like to ask the universe or whichever entities/Gods you might pray to.

Step two- (what you use to smoke with is important) pack a pipe, bowl or smoking device (that you are able to see the tobacco clearly in) with tobacco or your choice of herb.

Step three- after you have everything ready, try and only think of the question you are asking as you light your pipe look down at the embers in your pipe try and use intuition and the visual shape of the burning embers to read your fortune.

Note: this method is not perfect and you will not always get answers, however if you are lucky you will see clear identifiable shapes such as crescent moons and objects that resonate with your individual experiences.