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An informative article on necromancy.

Necromancy can be divided into two main branches: Divination by means of ghosts, and divination from corpses. The second method leads to the disinterment of corpses and rifling of graves for grisly charms which magicians and witches consider necessary for the effective performance of the magical arts.

Necromancy is a universal practice of great antiquity, only the profoundly initiated, brave and single-minded magician has any chance of success in such a venture, always considered to be extremely dangerous, for not only is a pact with the Devil necessary, but it is thought that the ''astral corpse'' has an intense desire to live again and could, by absorbing life-energy from living creatures, prolong its life indefinitely, thus, unless he has taken adequate precautions, the magician might be in great danger. To evoke the dead the magician needs to obtain the help of powerful spirits, both for his own protection and to compel the corpse or ghost to submit to his will.

A spell from ancient Greece calls upon the powers of the mighty Kore, Persephone, Ereshkigal, Adonis, Hermes and Thoth, to bind the dead. According to a ritual described by Seneca, the Roman dramatist, the summoning of the dead involves not only a burnt sacrifice but a blood-drenched altar.

Scent and odors must be carefully produced from burning substances for their powerful influences. Elaborate preparations include careful study of the positions of the planets, and especially of the moon and the influence of Saturn. The site for the operation has to be chosen with care, the most favorable is some lonely crossroads, a vault, a ruin, an unfrequented forest, or a blasted heath. Once a time is decided upon for the operation, a series of concentric circles of power must be drawn on the ground within which are inscribed crosses and other symbols, together with holy names of God. The circle must be blessed and consecrated, with the magician and his assistant standing at its center, protected by the holy names from all danger.

Then, wand in hand, the magician summons the dead to rise, using names of power. Eliphas Levi and other magicians have suggested the need for some attempt at identification between the living and the dead, as for example the presence of a portrait, and a portion of bread which the ghost would be invited to consume. In his evocation, the magician summons the dead by name and, if he is successful, he has to face the frightening ordeal of a phantom screaming and gibbering with rage at having been compelled against its will to return to the realms of the living. Sometimes the dead appears in the shapes of furious beasts raging about the circle and threatening to tear the sorcerer to pieces. When the dead finally decides to submit to the magician's will he often becomes transformed into a naked men who is willing to answer the questions put to him.

After the operation it is necessary to dismiss the dead, who usually vanishes amid clouds of sulfur. Under no circumstances the magician should leave the protection of the magic circle before this. He also has to remove all flowers from the place and after burning them, to bury the ashes deeply in the earth. The whole operation is fraught with terrible dangers, for the slightest departure from the rites could involve the destruction of the operator and even inflict injuries upon his soul.

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May 26, 2019
I krave to know this

Oct 31, 2019
This article has many flaws, the first being that necromancy is the devil's work. Necromancy throughout history has been used for both good and evil and only the practicioner can know his intent. Secondly the writter mentions a Greek spell involving a Summerian and Egyptian deity somehow.

Dec 30, 2020
The spell is from the Greek Magical Papiri and indeed calls upon plenty of deities, including non Greek ones. That being said i agree with everything else you said.

Apr 05, 2023
I’m not really sure if religion would allow people to even do magic in general, so I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say?

Apr 29, 2023
Plenty of religions are fine with magick [most Pagan religions include magick as well as certain mystic studies like the Jewish study of Qabala. Even Catholic mass turning wine and bread into the blood and body of Christ is a form of sympathetic magick] While I don't personally do necromancy, I've spoken with spirits since childhood [normal in my family] and I'm Pagan, aka a witch, I follow a religion that includes magick. I work with a death God [He's actually been around my entire life and I never noticed] You can work with spirits, necromancy, ancestors, and magick while following a religion. As grimmreaper was explaining, we have historical and archeological evidence of ancient people doing magick or working with the dead in their religious ceremonies. You could argue the majority of the Egyptian faith was about preparing you for your afterlife [which is kind of how all religion works if you think about it but they included magick seals, scrolls, and specific ways to bury their dead to ensure their safe passage to the Duat] The Greeks were kind of scared of Hades and Kore [Persephone when she was the Queen of the Underworld] but we do have some archeological evidence of how one would worship or protect themselves from death through charms and spells. When Christianity became popular, they started cracking down on the old ways so they could gain more power and when certain traditions were difficult to ban, they would incorporate them. Look into Welsh witch trials. While the rest of Europe was gripped by the trials, Wales didn't seem to care. They had 5 accused witches despite everyone knowing about and doing magick. [I also think the year the trials ended there was a book published on Welsh magick] I don't mean to sound mean, so sorry if what I'm about to say upsets you, but you should reflect on your views on religion. When we change paths [religion especially, but this could be anything you've done for a long time] we keep aspects of the past with us. When we go ''oh, you can't do that'' or ''I'm afraid of divine punishment'' that's your past religious trauma you need to deconstruct. [same goes for new witches who go HARD on the ''anti-Christianity'' thing. I'll admit, I did it too] Let me know if you wanted any resources or anything to help you.

Feb 27, 2020
I long to have my first cat back in my arms. She was killed in her second year. Even after nearly six years, I still grieve deeply. That is why I am reading this. I want to know if it is possible to have her back.

Mar 26, 2020
Sorry to hear that.

Sep 30, 2022
1) Even if it were possible necromancy is the kind of spell t ocause worse problems I wish it were possible to do it without consequences.... 2) Healing. You don't need to ''heal'' but you might try astral stuff. 3) If you need to talk I'm here.

Sep 30, 2022
Pardon if it is not senisble i haven't slept properly due to stress and i'm not maknign much sense. If you want to talk I'm here.

Apr 05, 2023
Have you tried astral projecting to see you’re cat??

Jul 18, 2020
Necromancy is an ancient spell, it requires technique and vast amount of energy. The secrets are not on the internet sorry!

Jul 26, 2020
Necromancy the way it is used in actual witchcraft today is a practice of working with spirits of the dead, specifically in the way of divination. There are many reputable resources online. This article specifically, however...

Oct 16, 2020
I'm sorry but this sounds so wrong..... Might be a good idea for a book, or a scene from a horror movie. :P I am a natural Necromancer and I haven't sold my soul to any demon. To me Necromancy is communication with the spirits and divination with their help. I agree with Horsenettle and divani_f...

Oct 16, 2020
divxnni_f (sorry, typing mistake)

Jun 15, 2021
This article is ridiculous. It's good for a horror movie, but actually Necromancy does not require any pact with an entity other than yourself.

Jan 07, 2022
But the rule to the magic is to not raise the dead because it's against the law of living, and wouldn't this provoke any of the gods/goddesses death?

Apr 05, 2023
No but it could envoke a sudden random death of the caster as well. They’re playing with fire, necromancy is bound to cause problems later on.

Jan 17, 2023
Duke Bune is very strong and he’s so good when it comes to necromancy!

Feb 18, 2023
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