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This is the way Gypsy Tarot with normal playing Cards. This is how it was done in years past.

[Normal Playing Card Tarot]


* Playing Cards


Ace: Love, Beginnings, happiness, Friendship
King: Fair-haired Man, Affectionate and Generous, but impetuous
Queen: Fair-haired Woman, trustworthy
Jack: Fair-haired young person, Good Friend
10: Good fortune, Happiness
9: Desires come true
8: Invitation, but also partings
7: Someone unreliable
6: Unexpected good fortune, Generosity
5: Jealousy, Indecision
4: Changes, Possible travel overtime Postponement
3: Need for caution
2: Friendship, Success


Ace: Harmony, Property, Achievement, Love
King: Dark-haired man, Honest, Open
Queen: Dark-haired woman, Strong, Helpful, Attractive
Jack: Reliable Friend
10: Money from unexpected Source, Good Luck, or a Gift
9: A new romance
8: Opposition, Danger of Recklessness
7: Prosperity, though a danger of romantic interference
6: business success
5: Help from friend or spouse
4: Bad change of fortune
3: Good Marriage or Alliance
2: Disappointment and Opposition


Ace: Money, A Ring
King: Fair-haired man, Stubborn and Powerful
Queen: Fair-haired woman, Flirtatious, Sophisticated, Witty
Jack: A relative, someone not quite reliable
10: Journey, Changes usually bring wealth
9: Opportunities and Surprises, usually financial
8: Late Marriage or New relationship, Unexpected Money
7: A Gift
6: A reconciliation, A warning against second marriage
5: Successful meeting, particularly in business
4: An inheritance, An change for the better
3: Legal or Domestic Battles
2: A Love Affair becomes more important


Ace: Conflict Love Affair
King: Dark-haired man, Ambitious, usually Successful
Queen: Dark-haired woman, Seductive or unscrupulous
Jack: Dark-haired young man, Well meaning person
10: Worry
9: Bad Luck, Can mean delay or quarrels
8: Disappointment and Opposition
7: A warning against possible loss of friendship
6: On improvement in person's life
5: Anxiety, Setbacks, Interference
4: Jealousy, Business Troubles
3: Partings, possibly due to faithlessness
2: Scandal, Gossip, Danger of deceit

(Please charge your Tarot Playing Cards with your own energy before use. You may use any normal playing cards.)

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Jun 27, 2020
I learned to use playing cards by memorizing the poem, ''For the Witch of Poor Memory.'' It is pretty easy once you know it and I try to practice with it as often as I can, though I normally use Tarot. You can find the poem and further information here,

Oct 08, 2020
This did not age very well.

Mar 23, 2021

Mar 25, 2021
The term ''gypsy'' is offensive to people of Romani descent. It's an old derogatory term that conjures the image of a stereotype [like the one seen in the header photo] and with it, this fear they are untrustworthy thieves. In reality, they are a nomadic people with a unique culture and are cautious with outsiders [giving the view to the outside world of mystery and deception]

May 27, 2021
I am new to all this. how do you read the cards? do you shuffle and pull a certain amount of cards?

Jun 10, 2021
Pulling the cards intuitively is used commonly when reading tarot, oracle, or playing cards. When one is reading for another they will be the one to shuffle the deck and pull the cards. The number of cards pulled is up to the reader and also can depend on the spread being used.

Jun 10, 2021
I would like to know the rules of this also if anyone knows

Aug 17, 2021
A way to help memorize possible meanings of the playing cards is to use cards like lenormand which can have the playing cards featured in the corner or on the side of the card somewhere. Another option are the gypsy which fortune telling playing cards. These do have the playing card equivalent on the cards and has about 50 cards itself. The standard playing cards have as we know 52 cards. While one may not commit all the card meanings to memory this way, you can learn many, as well as the general overtones of the suiting.

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