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The Broom Closet Coven

A safe haven for those of all paths, traditions, and learning levels. Where those who practice openly, or still in the broom closet, as they say, are welcome

More about The Broom Closet

Welcome to The Broom Closet

About Our Coven

Our coven provides a haven for those of every path and magical background. Though we have faced and are looking to face more changes, it serves much as it always has, a coven where we can come together and work on expanding our magical knowledge, growing as individuals and friends.

We are comprised of fantastic members from many different paths and of many different backgrounds, giving wonderful insight and support. We constantly strive to improve our group, not only as an environment for learning and self-growth but for the group dynamic. Our members are our family and shall be treated with care and respect.

Here at the Broom Closet, we offer many forms of activity, participation, and unification. We encourage our members to be active with a monthly coven contest, games, discussions, lessons, study groups, debates, and a monthly coven meeting.

Coven Practices/Information Offered

  • Basics
  • Meditation
  • Energy in Theory and Practice
  • Astral Projection in Theory and Practice
  • Healing
  • Deity and Entity Studies Including Demonology
  • Divination
  • Herb Lore and Use
  • Crafting Tools
  • Stones and Crystals
  • Channeling
  • Ritual Work and High Magic
  • Folk Lore and Mythology
  • Writing Journals, Book of Shadows, Spells and Poetry

The coven holds a book club as well, every member is welcome to join in and read the book via pdf and discuss along with the group. Sometimes we hold more than one at a time depending on activity and interest.

Current Book Club: Herbal Magick by Gerina Dunwich.

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled."-Plutarch

Applying for Membership

We are always seeking active members to join our family! Anyone wishing to apply should mail the priestess requesting an application form. Fill it out with care, though we are always accepting new members we are very selective. Answers should be sent to the priestess,which will then be posted in the coven for review by our members. The voting process is given about a week before a final decision is made.


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