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Well Met! My username is Briony but you can call me Evae, my name among the magical community. I am 17 years old and I have been practicing magic for quite a while, but I only found this site a few months ago. My patron goddess is Hekate, but I worship the Crone aspect of the Goddess as well. I mainly use my magic for everyday things, not huge spectacles. I am Norse pagan/heathen but I respect all types of magic, except for the sort of thing that ?turns you into a vampire/fairy/werewolf/whatever? or promotes negative ideas and practices.
I also celebrate several Jewish holidays because my family is Jewish and a lot of them are so similar to the sabbats. Plus, I?ll take any excuse to celebrate something.
My last familiar (my cat HB) died a few months ago. Now I have a kitten named Haiku. I also have a dog who would be my familiar... if his main occupation wasn?t messing up my spells and trying to eat any offerings I leave on my altar. (And my wand. He just can?t seem to wrap his mind around the idea that my wand isn?t a toy...)
I love nature and being outside, even when the weather is terrible. I enjoy learning about the history of magic and paganism, especially. That?s actually how I got into magic- I was reading a boook on the Greek pantheon and I learned about Hekate (have you noticed that most childrens? books about Greek mythology don?t mention her?) so I looked her up and I just kept on reading and reading and soon I was writing down spells.
I do my very best to stay active but unfortunately I live a very busy life so I can?t be on every day and sometimes I?m inactive for a week or so until I have the time to check back in.
If you send me sexual messages, I will block and report you posthaste. No ?second chances? or excuses.
The reason that I?m so into paganism is because unlike a lot of mainstream religions, honoring and caring for the Earth is seen as an obligation and duty instead of just another thing that could potentially be done.