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Name: Asmouaninja
Birthday: Aug 22 2000
Location: In the dojo
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Wed, 14 Aug 2019
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People who are rude or highly judge mental should not message me.

im the kind of woman who believes in standing up for those who need it. Im sorta a health nut, I eat a highly healthy diet and exercise daily. Every now and then I will go for pizza or a piece of cheese cake. I enjoy long jogs and watching comedy shows. I animate small little gifs for a hobbey.

I am an lgbtAllie. I dont hate apon anyone, Im not judgemental. I believe the universe has sent me to help others. I am a lentric empath. Which means I use my physical energy to heal and comfort. I am more on the introverted side, but I love to socialize when I can.

i am a starseed.

I was born an only child besides a younger half sister whom I have no connection with. I have a strong connection with my cousin who is like a older sister to me.

i study a variety of topics such as: shamanism, kitchen Witchery, and energy manipulation.

My rules are:

i dont tolorate disrespect twords me or any group of people.

have a subject in the subject line. Hellos are welcome.

i dont cast or do readings for others. But I will and can give you pointers if needed.

have a blessed day-