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I have an earth base with secondary elements of fire or water depending on the person.

I mostly focus on cooking magic or kitchen witchcraft,while trying to test the waters so to speak with other types of spells. i've been on and off sporadically so random post are expected.

if you would like to know about kitchen witchcraft please read this first.


no i did not write this article but it is a very good article on kitchen witchery.

I enjoy researching different spells and legend, even modern day urban ones.I normally don't post much and tend to lurk, and i am a novice by most standards But There are things that i am very Knowledgeable about even if it doesn't seem so at first.

Please note i don't mind random messages but please use the subject line. also I don't do love spells. You want love don't look for it. Love will come for you its like trouble it will find you in unexpected ways.