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There are many different types of mimosa trees. The type where I'm is Albizia julibrissin. Using the bark,flowers,and roots you can make tinctures and such. It's a mile pain reliever and you can use it to help relax and elevate your moods as well as other health benefits.This isn't the one that contains substances similar to heroin(DMT) and that's a hallucinogenic. DNT is gotten from the root bark of certain Mimosa trees: Mimosa ophthalmocentra, scabrella,somnians,tenuiflora(hostilis),certified and others. These trees, their bark and seeds are illegal to buy in the US and you cannot order them from overseas. There are so many types and uses for Mimosa. I make a tincture with the flowers from my trees. I avoid the other types. Thank you for the information. You can never learn too much
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