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Touch Of Darkness
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As little children, entering a dark house or one of its rooms, without the lights switched on, would be scary, because we had a feeling that darkness was associated with ' scary stuff' and darkness had full of unknown things that might be harmful to us.
So what usually happens is, is that when you switch on the lights, you come to realise that the unknown was not scary, and that there was no unknown, because everything in there was familiar, which was always part of the environment.

So as we grow older, we tend to associate darkness with scary stuff and the unknown,which literally leaves the darkness unexplored.
And in this context of ' Darkness ' it's by no means a reference to anything evil in such because evil associated with darkness, is more of a judgement that we consciously make, and acting on this will be considered evil.

So in reference to this particular topic, the darkness that we need to touch on, in order to help navigate our ownselves through our own environment that exists within us,
So when we touch on our own darkness, we are touching on a part of our own personality that we have branded to be evil ( for whatever reason)
However, it is not evil, it's just a part of our personality, our inner selves, that we left unexplored, and unattended to, and because we left it unattended to and unexplored, a shadow cast over it, leaving no light to enter, because as we are on our own journey, seeking light and to bask in its glory, we inevitably cast a shadow on the unexplored reality of our existence.
And this reality is, is that pride, anger, fear, and everything you would associate to be of a dark nature, exist in each of us.
Just as the light in our life shines through with qualities and traits of kindness, love, respect, care and everything positive, there is always a opposite that exists, everything is dual, everything has a opposite side to it, light and dark, good and bad, love and hate and the list goes on. Everything has its pair to survive and exist.

So when we speak of this duality of existence, and which is evident within us and our personality, we can use the concept of polarity, where everything has to poles, for either one to exist.
So to with our own light and darkness, they both exist at either ends of our inner selves and personality.
So in order for both to exist, they both feed of each other, meaning, you will do good and the right thing, because you are aware that the bad and the wrong also exists, you will be honest, because lies and deception is reality.
How can one appreciate the beautiful sunrise, if there was no darkness, light will serve no purpose, if there is no darkness to feed of it.

So touching into your own darkness, is navigating through your concealed traits and qualities, your emotions like fear, anger, pride, hurt, and disappointment.
This is buried down deep in our inner environment, and for this to come to surface, and to deal with , we have to shed light on it, and accept it.
We cannot move forward if this is left behind, because this is also what makes us, what defines us.
If you need to be angry, be angry, if you need to express your pain, hurt and discomfort, do it, if you need to show resentment towards any situation, do it, explore this emotions, navigate through it. Tbis awareness of yourself can only make you a better person in time to come.

We have to maintain this inner balance, bringing up the unexplored darkness to light surface, will allow positive energy to flow freely through it.

Life is created in darkness, so when we touch on our dark side, we are giving life to a transformation. What was once concealed and in darkness, will be restored, by self love, healing, and forgiveness, this is our own motivational change, we need to find the balance in light and dark to grow as individuals, and spiritual individuals also.

Touch the darkness to find your light.

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