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Spell Jars
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So as my path in witchcraft is firmly constituted with candle magick and candle energies, I have been looking for ways, to bring out the best use possible for my glass candle jars after it's been used. Since they are the most prettiest glass holders, in an array of neon colours, it would be a shame if these glass jars where to be just put aside and forgotten.

Bearing in mind, it is this glass holders or jars, that carried such positive intent, and such magical energies at one time, it's only fair to restore positive energies back into them.

So basically what I do is, is that i take the empty glass holder/jar, and i put this little pebbles in them, i go to the beach very often, so i collect this little pebbles and little sea shells. Also I add in some shiny crystals which is easily accessible at the stores. Now this when it's finished, gives the glass holder a beautiful look that's also soothing and gentle and peaceful to the eye.
That however is just my personal preference on what I like to do.

If one does have these glass jars, the possibility of using them afterwards is endless, example, it can be used to store spices, herb, or just normal cooking ingredients like rosemary, thyme, tumeric, cloves, bayleaf etc. Just about anything can go into them which provides for a very beautiful, simple yet elegant look and feel, and as we know, its our craft that shines through our creative side, like none other. Creativity comes to life within our craft.

So as i am about to embark on my own creative journey, in the making and supplying of my own homemade scented candles in glass jars, which is still work in progress, an idea dawned upon me as to how i can use the many glass jars which i will have. And this idea came about whilst I was researching. It couldn't have been at a better time.

I came across the topic on Spell Jars, which i was familiar with, and i said to myself, ' what a great concept ' in restoring energy and intent back into the candle glass jar. Creating Spell Jars.

The simplicity in creating and making the spell jar, is certainly the highlight of this creative craft. Because you will basically need, everything you already have at home, it's cost effective, it's simple, yet it is powerful, it's magical, it's manifesting energy and it amplifies your own intent and energy.

So basically a spell jar is an essential or physical representation of a spell.
Its a tool made by yourself that identifies with whom you are, and your very own innermost desires and intension.
So on that level, it becomes personal to you alone. And that is the true representation of your intent and manifesting this energy.

So for me, a spell jar will personify the term, ' what you put in, is what you'll get out' because what you put into the spell jar, aligns with your spell or intension. So as I was researching more, i did come across a nice little piece, on items used to make your spell jar, which consists of the related spell or if not a spell, just for manifesting your intent and energy to bring about the optimal use of your spell jar, or witch bottle as it would also be called.
So I would like to share a few ideas which I found very useful, and which I will be dabbling in very very soon, as i find this to be a perfect use for my already existing glass jars.

So to make the spell jar, add in the necessary requirements, and as you add them in, say your intentions, say it aloud, if you already have a candle glass jar, leave about less than a quarter wax still in and then put in your ingredients. If you have items to put in, charge them with your intent. And as you add in the items, always define your intensions. You then seal the jar with candle wax of your choice or if possible, the colour wax associated with the spell.
Meditate with it, and find the most appropriate place to keep it, example, if you doing a spell for creativity or maybe something of that nature, you may want to keep it in your writing or reading area.

So some basic ingredients/items for your spell jar associated with your intent/spell/wellbeing.

Attraction Spell Jar:
Rose quartz - love and attraction
Jasmine - dreams/love
Cinnamon - love and lust
Ginger- passion
Rose- romance
Honey - to sweeten
Seal with red candle wax and keep in bedroom.

Strength Spell Jar
Thyme - strength
Carnelian - self esteem
Bay leaf- strength
Cloves- banish negativity
Ginger- success
Seal with read red candle for strength

Safe Travel Spell Jar
Ground egg shell- repel negative energy
Sea salt- protection and grounding
Mint- protection in safe travels
Quartz/ Tigers Eye- personal power and purifies energy.
Seal with red candle and place in luggage bag.

Success Spell Jar
Ginger - success and confidence
Cloves - banish negativity
Basil - courage
Mint - protection
Citrine - joy and wealth
Seal with blue candle.

Manifestation Spell Jar
These items represents your desire.
Citrine - abundance joy and wealth
Star Anise - enhance ability and joy
Orange - blessings and attraction
Pyrite - luck
Black walnut - for wishing
Cilantro - attraction
Seal with candle colour of your choice.

So a few basic ideas in creating your own spell jar, with your own intent,and own energy, and showing your own creativity within your own craft.
Always own it, because it's you who makes Magick work.

If anyone needs more ideas with spell jars, feel free to mail me.

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