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Dream magic successes
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Hello, I have had some recent workings with dream/sleep-related magic. A 100% success rate so far.

[ [Process] ]
All of the magic was done with sigils. I will now separate the process into steps to document for anyone curious.

[Meditation/Entering Trance]
As with all my practice at the moment, it begins with meditation and the goal of entering at least a semi-trance state. I have begun experimenting with listening to high-frequency binaural beats as of late for a multitude of reasons, one of which being my discovery of the CIA "Hemi-Sync" document and how it pertains to supernatural powers. So far it has not let me down and I can relax and enter a semi-trance state within 10 minutes or so.

I have made my sigil beforehand at this point on a piece of paper using basic standard methods of sigil crafting. Once I felt as though I have raised enough energy I visualize the energy flowing from my hand and into the paper along with the focused intent. I sometimes like to open my eyes to stare into the sigil while in this moment of higher consciousness. I then picture the sigil glowing a gold/blue/white color on the paper and will continue charging it until I feel ready.

[Finishing Touches]
To end, I simply release myself from trance and immediately try not to linger on the results in my head or the occurrences that happened prior, I have heard this is good practice so as to not mess up the energy or subconscious mind but I have not experimented doing sigils without trying to forget so I cannot say. I then place the sigil neatly below my pillow before rest and head to bed knowing that the magic is working.

The two sigils I have done recently are: A sigil to make myself dream of a certain person, worked that night with some waking up and going back to sleep beforehand; And another sigil to make myself wake up to my alarms on time. It may not seem like much, but I have a VERY hard time waking up properly and the night I did this sigil I woke up exactly on time and felt very refreshed.

[Final notes]
Whether or not this kind of dream magic is truly mystical in nature or just clever psychological tricks (to some there is no difference), it does at least show I am getting a hang of putting things into my subconscious and is improving my overall magical ability.
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