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This is a very easy love spell.

Casting Instructions for 'Easy Love'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Red pen
  • Red or white candle
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Paper
  • Red pen
  • Red or white candle

First, light the candle. Next, right your name and the person's name you want to fall in love with you on the paper. Fold the paper in half and the say "We shall fall in love with me. His love will be unconditional. Our love will be strong and pure. This is my will, so mote it be" You will know that it worked when you feel a weird feeling. If you don't give it time to at least 2 days.


Added to on Jun 19, 2014
Last edited on Jul 31, 2018
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Did this work for you? Let me know

Feb 04, 2019
Why don't you try it for yourself? Give yourself a month to see any results instead of concluding it didn't work within an hour of casting.

Im about to try this spell out

Apr 18, 2019
Did it work?

Oct 23, 2021
Did it work out for you joey

How to write the name correctly? I mean my name and the other half write between the paper and follow a sequence like ''A (my name) and B (his/her name)''?

Oct 17, 2022
Try that, and make sure to write first and last names

Does this spell really work?

Apr 18, 2019
Update: Just tired will tell how it goes when i'm able to update.

Apr 25, 2019
Did this work for you?

Apr 25, 2019
So far nothing drastic has happened although, he admitted to me that he misses me and he loves me and regrets breaking up with me. Will keep updating.

Apr 25, 2019
What day and time did you cast it?

Apr 25, 2019
the 18th and i'm not entirely sure what the time was, it was in the mid or late morning if I remember correctly

Apr 25, 2019
OK thank you. I think I will try this

Wondering, did the user of this spell burn the paper afterwords or kept it hidden? No offense, but this should be re-edited to make clear on the steps/explain what happens after to make the spell more effected.

Aug 24, 2019
I agree. I’m going to burn the paper

Is it ok to have a red colored pencil instead of red pen?

Sep 10, 2019
So long as it's red and you can write with it, it should work fine

Sep 16, 2019
Ok but is it necessary to have a candle or it just makes the spell stronger? Sorry if asking too much tho

Sep 16, 2019
In this specific spell I feel it sets the mood, and while the colour may contribute to the spell, it doesn't have much significance. You can omit the candle.

Is we shall fallin love with me supposed to be he shall fall in love with me

Jan 19, 2021

Hi! I just want to comment about that tingling feeling after saying the words of the spell? It’s totally real.. After I said it I felt a tingling feeling and I somehow felt happy afterwards? I casted this spell last weekend (Saturday, November 9th, 2019) and I truly believe this spell worked! I believe this spell struck my target but... maybe my target has a strong will to endure feelings? It’s been a week now and still no word at the moment.. Maybe the spell only works with people you have contact with or are close to..

It worked! My crush moved away from sitting behind me and I cast the spell and now he's back!

What do you do you do with the paper afterwards?

Hello I cast the spell yesterday and I really believe it will work not sure about a weird feeling. Should I try it again

Mar 04, 2020
Spells are not instantanious. Wait a little longer and record how you feel as well as anything you notice. If you see no results within a month, I would consider recasting or finding a new one.

Just tried it out, I didn't use a candle because I looked through the comments beforehand and someone said it was alright to omit it. Will update on whether it works or not :)

I just cast the spell except I used a photo of him and I together and still wrote out names. I finished up the spell by burning the picture. Will keep posted if it succeeds or not

Mar 19, 2020
My ex replied and said he thinks I’m the one but is still on the fence. I will probably try again.

Mar 20, 2020
UPDATE: I did the spell again last night and him and I’ve been playfully flirting today which is a big difference compared to the radio silence he was giving me a few days ago

Mar 27, 2020
FINAL UPDATE: So I did the spell every night before going to bed. And now we’re talking everyday. Had a date few nights ago and have another one set up. I feel this spell actually worked

May 06, 2020
What kind of candle did you use ? You burnt pictures and the paper or did you use a picture instead of the paper ?

Jul 27, 2021
what kind of candle did you use?

what if a man definitely loves a woman (like a brother or friend) but there is no desire because the man is homosexual or bisexual. I have this case. how to help? thank you

Mar 29, 2020
Nothing will help in that case. You cannot change a person with magic.

What do you do with the paper with the names on it after you say the spell? Burn , bury or hide it?

Mar 31, 2020
I burned mine

Do you need to let candle burn completely.

I literally just cast this spell. I believe I'm feeling the effects of it working. Can some of you tell me what you felt please

Oct 13, 2020
I did on the first night

He confessed his love for me but we are still not together as a couple 😔

Do I need a new piece of paper every night?

I just attempted this spell. I used a red candle and just for added potency I held/rubbed rose quartz as I did the spell. I will keep you updated if it worked for me.

do I keep or burn the paper?

This may sound stupid, but the person who I like... I don’t REALLY know. He’s real, not fake, but I don’t know him personally. How will I know if it works?

Jan 25, 2021
If you don't know the person, the energy will simply fizzle out. If this is a person you see while waiting for the bus, a person that works in your building, or your local barista, you have a chance to actually talk to them, get to know them, and the spell can affect them and can work. If this is a celebrity, for example, the energy will vanish rather quickly because there is no energetic link between you for the spell to affect. IF I were you, I would alter this spell a little to send a call to the universe that you wish to attract a love to you. This might result in someone you do not know coming into your life because your energy and desires are similar, or it could mean some you know asking you out.

Should I use a pink candle instead? Also do you think inscribing the persons name into the candle would work instead? I’m more into carving peoples names into candles and think that would work best. I also rub some “attraction oils” into candles just to boost the spell a bit.

Mar 05, 2021
I also like to place rose quartz in front of my candles too so that it boosts the energy too. I like to place rose petals in a circle around the candle. Idk if this will work beneficially though. Help?

Mar 05, 2021
All of that sounds perfectly fine to me. If something feels right to you, go for it. Call it intuition, call it the divine, when you feel compelled to do something in spell work, it's usually a good thing. You're personalizing the spell and putting more of you into it.

Mar 06, 2021
Can I still burn the paper though into the flame even with minor modifications? Also can you change the his to her because this is for a girl lol.

Mar 06, 2021
Wondering though still If I can use a pink candle instead. I just feel that red candles are used for sexual/erotic magic and doesn’t really fit well with this spell.

Mar 06, 2021
All of that is fine. Edit the spell to suit your needs.

Oct 13, 2021
I have marked several spells as 'favorite' but I cannot find them all. Where do I look?

Just did mine gonna let the candles finish burning while I meditate to Alan Watts, will check back in a couple days to update

Jul 28, 2021
what kind of candles did you use and did it work?

Jul 28, 2021
what kind of candles did you use and did it work?

Mar 02, 2022
hi i you good at magic I know I have nothing to do with this spell but I just want to ask if this is ok if I find a spell and it is in English I must translate the spell

I just performed this in having a weird sensation I believe it’s working

Would it work if the person who you direct the spell at has feelings for someone else?

Jul 20, 2021
It is perhaps possible one can alter or manipulate the feelings of another magically, yet consider why you might want this. Aside from that where it states you will know when the spell works when you feel weird is rather vague. No spell is an easy spell.

Jul 21, 2021
So if I do try it , I should wait for a whole mooncycle to see the results ?

Aug 30, 2021
It can take years for spell work to manifest in some circumstances. Yes give it a few months waiting period before trying again.

I am trying this. I will give an update on the 30th or 31st.

cast this spell on october 18th my ex texted me yesterday but the guy i put on the paper hasn't been talking to me :( maybe i did it wrong?

Im going to cast the spell tonight will update if anything happens

Nov 13, 2021

i be dreaming about the person every time i do the spell is that a sign that its working

Do you need a candle? I only have paper and pen

May 18, 2022
You can try it without a candle and replace it with something similar,

The man that I want to win over is dating a toxic girl and I still have feelings for him so I’m going to try this spell and update here rather it worked or not. I’m going to cast it Friday night since Friday’s are the best day of the week to cast love spells.

I just tried this and wrote what to say also on the back before chanting it. & Used a red apple cinnamon candle to burn the paper wish me luck

Jun 10, 2022
Did the spell work for you?

I’m going to try this later today and I am adding a few things to it to make it more powerful. I plan to do this spell every day for 7 to 10 days and than wait for a month to see if the spell worked and if not I will cast it again.

I’m trying this spell today being Friday and I have positive energy in my home that is very strong. I am going to carve his name into the white candle and have his picture on my phone next to the candle along with a love letter to him and 2 tarot cards that match his and mine astrology. I will still do the red pen for the love letter but I am doing a red sharpie to write both our names on the paper. I am going to chant the words many times before ending the chant with So Mote It be. I have a strong good feeling that adding to the spell will increase the power helping the spell to work. I plan to do the spell for 7 to 10 days unless I see it working before the 7 to 10 days but if it doesn’t work than I will wait for a month to cast it again. The best day to cast love spells is on Fridays.

I just did the spell just a few minutes ago and I feel a little drained from putting my all into the spell but I wanted to get the spell done by midnight. I think I will regain the little bit of energy that Used after I finish eating my snack. I am feeling very positive that the spell will work for me due to all of the hard work and effort in preparing for the spell and adding extra materials into it. My candle flame was burning very high telling me that the energy was very high. I did cleansed my area before preforming the spell. I will keep you all updated. I will preform the spell again tomorrow night before midnight.

Jun 16, 2022
Any updates on this spell? Did you chant the spell 3 times or was there a different number you were aiming for? Did you burn any of the papers once you were done or did you keep them to reuse them the next night?

Jun 29, 2022
I was drained too but I did the spell 7 days straight and at 12:30pm for 10 minutes. So far no results but I am in no rush for the spell to work.

I tried this in the way that Myangel75 talked about. Now I've tried this before, but never had results and definitely not a reaction like this. The main thing that I changed was I printed out a picture of my ex and I and wrote our names on the front over our faces which was perfect because the type of photo it was is a Duo moment, so our faces when the picture is folded in half are touching. I also have a rose quartz, chrysoprase, and ruby in zoisite for the crystals and a pentacle for protection and all are placed in a cross pattern (note I did not say the four cardinal directions) with the white candle in the middle. The type of candles I buy have a pretty weak flame, 1/4'' to 1/3'' high at most. Using the white candle with her name carved into the wax seem to be the best choice. Since it was a Friday night I decided to wait until the moon was directly overhead which was about 10:45 - 10:50 pm. I started the spell and when I got to the part of lighting the candle it originally started off in its usual weak state. Once I said ''So mote it be'' the flame grew to over an inch tall and I experienced the most inner warmth I had ever experienced from either prayers or spells. I think this is the right path for this spell and I'll update again seeing as I'm also performing it for the up to 10 days.

Jun 18, 2022
I casted the spell for 7 days straight ending last night but it takes time and patience for the spell to work and I burned the paper. Start on Friday and end it The Friday after. I chanted many times to make the spell even more powerful and I placed my phone with his picture showing on top of the love letter that I wrote to him. Because he is a very busy guy I am giving this spell a month or two to work and I hope he will contact me soon. This spell doesn’t work over night or in a few days. It could start working when you have forgotten that you cast it. I have done spells in the pass where I have completely forgotten about it and the spell worked and I saw positive strong results because the spell found the right time to work. Give it a month or two.

Jun 21, 2022
I gotcha. It can be very draining though as I've come to realize. The past few nights after I finish the casting I feel drained and as soon as my head hits my pillow I'm out. How did you feel after your casting?

Just an update. I have only 5gb left of data on my phone and no internet but I have Facebook messenger on my phone which is the app that I hope to hear from him and also I have been going into public wiffi places to check and he has not yet contacted but it will be a month in 9 days since I finished casting the spell for the final time but I am going to give it another month to make it a full 2 months. I want to give the spell more time to work before I cast it again. If I have to cast it again than I will use a red candle instead of a white candle or a red candle and a white candle and do the spell every Friday night.

I am giving this spell one more month to work since I did the spell 7 days in a row. Still no word from him but he has one more month before I try again.

I will attempt this spell, and I will update this if it works or not.

Aug 20, 2022
Oddly enough, someone ELSE confessed their feelings to me during the spell! However, it was not my target. I have experienced the feeling I believe, immediately after the spell was finished. I will await 2 days before redoing this spell or next Friday if my SP does not contact me.

Aug 25, 2022
Actually, gonna wait until a better moon phase. Sorry for spam.

Dec 07, 2022
any positive outome?

I just done it an got the funny feeling was I suppose to burn the paper and put the candle out after saying the spell

I did the spell today. Afterwards I got chills a few different times. Am I suppose to fell this afterwards

I did the spell today. Afterwards I got chills a few different times. Am I suppose to fell this afterwards

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Nov 27, 2023
This is a scam, don't contact them. As you continue in online witchy communities, you'll see this exact same copy/paste response [I've even seen them on TikTok] and it follows the same script ''My name is blank, and life was awful until Doctor Not A Doctor contacted me and cast a spell that made all my dreams come true!'' Trust me, I've been in online witchy communities for nearly 20 years and I've seen this exact scam so often, I could probably quote it word for word with my eyes closed. Don't contact them, it's a scam.

What should you do with the paper?

Can you use a pink candle???

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