Embodiment of a Random Sin

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This spell allows the user to slowly become the embodiment of one of the 7 cardinal sins and have powers related to it. Word of warning: this spell - if it works - means you will be bound to a crown prince of hell.

Casting Instructions for 'Embodiment of a Random Sin'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your voice
  • Darkness in your heart
  • A firm belief in satan
  • A Strong will (not doubting it will work)
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your voice
  • Darkness in your heart
  • A firm belief in satan
  • A Strong will (not doubting it will work)

What should happen:
On the sixth day/night, you should notice that there is a ring of colour around your wrist and the symbols of a sin should be on your hand (small but big enough to read) in the same colour as that band on your wrist. That is the proof you are the human embodiment of that sin. You will be bound to a demon whom - if it wants, and if it deems the time is right - may talk to you, somehow.

Side effects:

The wrist in which the proof will appear becomes itchy every now and then.

Body temperature becomes abnormally high (but you won't be harmed)

Closing your self off from others.

The spell it self:
(Say this once for five nights before you go to bed/go to sleep)

"Master of the hellish yard, satan, I call on thee,
Of the seven deadly sins I would like to be the embodiment of one please,
If thou doth not let this be, I thank you anyway,
For listening to my plea."



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What do you mean by ‘bound’ to a crown prince of hell?

It essentially means you have sworn loyalty to the entity, and once you have perished, will serve them in the next life... but that's just my opinion, others may view it differently.

This does not work. You can dedicate yourself to Lucifer, even work with a demon, however, you will not gain any special powers, nor will symbols randomly appear on your body.

Muss das sein?

Sep 24, 2021
This site is English only. Please communicate in English. Posting in other languages goes against site rules.

Are such things really needed?

Sep 24, 2021
Items in the spell or sins? Items depend on the spell. Items enhance spells and help by charging specific energy. You can technically charge energy and use no items, but it would be very difficult and run a higher risk of failing [especially if you want a big goal] If you mean sin, it's a human [Christian] construct not everyone believes in. Yes, it's wise to come to terms with your personal ''sin'' and grow, but they aren't universal things everyone has. If memory serves, the concept of the seven deadly sins was created in the dark ages by chirstian monks.

funny thing is the ''seven deadly sins'' were never mentioned in the bible LOL

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