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Name: Neulife
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A communist, a psychedelic drug user, and a pretty chill dude. I run often, love nature, love to graphic design/draw, and I've been practicing magick for almost seven years.


You can mail me pretty much about anything. I love to help give advice and talk about political or philosophical discussion. I can help with spells but I don't do them for you. A lot of people will block you if you're rude, but I won't. Because all you're doing is feeding me energy and satisfying my psychic vampirism. So actually do so if that's your beef.

I also don't answer to fluff subjects (roleplay, trolling, scams, hollywood magic, vampires, werewolves, and all that rubbish.)

My FAQs (read before mailing, if the following answers your inquiry then don't bother mailing, though I am happy to answer additional useful questions.)

  • "How can I be more powerful?" Answer: You don't just become "more powerful" like life's a video game. Doing spells won't award XP and all of a sudden you level up. I feel you simply know you've improved after intuition and experience. The philosophy to magic is to use it when you need, and see what you can learn. Not how you can best others and such.
  • "Do you do tarot readings?" Not yet. I'll update my bio when I do. I'm not experienced enough yet and haven't gotten a deck.
  • "What's your religion?" None. I believe the universe created itself and is itsown god/simbiotic organism. Just like cells make up our bodies, we make up the universe. Instead of wanting water like a cell, we ask for financial aid and healing.

--I'll update more FAQs as I get more repetitious mail--


  • Personal Growth (always in progress)
  • divinitation/tarot(learning)
  • Energy / PSI (mastering)
  • Auras (mastering)
  • Psychedelics (using)
  • Spiritology (learning)
  • Astral Projection (learning)
  • Psychic Vampirism (mastering)
  • Reiki/Chakra Awakening (developing)

"To say you are perfect, is to say you are secretly incompetent" ~ Neulife

Interesting Research:

Look up D.M. Turner and read about his studies.

Read the Communist Manifesto by Fredrick Engles and Karl Marx