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Then: My Mom & I moved from Washington DC to Los Angeles in 1975 after my parents divorced , then in 1987 I moved from home to San Diego. I've lived in Central Indiana since 1997.

Now: I'm a 36 year old Gothic female that has been practicing since I was 10-11 years old. Luckily, my Mom had an open mind about such things and I was able to practice in my bedroom. When I moved to San Diego, that's when I joined my first coven, that's when I learned how to fine tune the things I already knew. I'm a Jack-of-All-Trades and Master of some. I can help those who need it and teach those who are ready to learn. I've got so many areas of magick and divination that I've practiced over the years, it feels like I can't learn anything else, but I always do. You never stop learning.

So, there you go. If anyone has a question about anything, don't be afraid to ask me. I'll do my best to help you out.

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Hi ppl wats up?
my name is Analitaca..wen i was in 6th grade i learned wicca
i became a witch at the age of 9..
i'm very powerful i do both white and black magic
my wicca name is Analica which means queen of hell
or kitty nite claws.My past life I was a cat deamon/witch..
I'm more of my cat deamon inside of me..I have a temper but i do stay clam..I enjoy the night and staring at the moon which makes me powerful.My oral is the color black.I haven't figured out wat it meant yet.I am very friendly but can be evil when i get mad.I LOVE 2 travel.I've been 2 Eroupe and it was very intertaning.The gipsy's told me i was a lucky 1.
black cats bring me luck on friday the 13.wen ever u feel like chatting e-mail me ..
love ya

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Hey my name's Danielle. Im 19. I've been practicing black magic and tarot cards for a really long time. It all runs in my family. I live in California and my parents are Priestess and Priest of their own black magic coven. Im not really apart of it but I still like to learn from them. I was born with the ability to see visions, however they are not exactly the most pleasant visions so i tend to keep that door shut. I meditate a lot..any chance i get.

Please don't discriminate me for my beliefs or magic preferences.

I am here to learn as we are all...I want to learn about grey magic from Priest Amari in order to gain more knowledge in magic.

Im a hairdresser & I go to cosmetology school at night. I also have done some modeling on the side for my own portfolio and use. I dont really know what I wana do with my life I guess I'm just living it for now, trying to make the best of it and learn whatever I can. I love my life right now and I love the people who are in it. And I will grow to love you all as well as a second family hopefully.

i dont have much else to say so thanks for reading.


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My name is Sera and I am 19 years old. I grew up in the United States with my father who is Wiccan. I decided to dedicate myself to the craft four years ago. Although I was raised Wiccan I have been wanting to branch out into other forms of magic and expand my knowledge. I graduated high school last year, and took a year off to travel with my fiance. We just returned from Germany and I'm getting set up to start college in the fall.

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Hello I'm Sabriel.
I'm 21 years old and I live in Canada. I do not come from a family that practises wicca or witchcraft of any sort but alot of my family is psychic in some way or another.
An example of this is my cousins and I, we used to visit each others dreams with such intensity and coherance between us that we would have trouble figuring out between our dream world and reality. We have a very strong link to one another.
I am very drawn to the element of air, in fact I was using it far before I could put a name to what I was doing and would sing for the wind to rise. I discovered the Craft at 8. I have never intentionally cast black magick, a few times a spell went astray when I was younger and ended up causing more harm then good but since then I have become better able to control and decipher between.
My magickal interests include: Alchemy, healing, totem animals and any animal magick, shaminism and whatever else comes my way (I love learning and am more then willing so long as it harms none.)
I hope to get to know you all better and can teach you somethings you may not know about as well as learn from all of you.
Blessed be

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