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We are a coven wishing to build an atmosphere of family, as well as to learn from one another. We are of many paths, growing together.
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WARNING: You must be 13+ in order to apply to this coven; if you apply and you are not, then your profile will be rejected and reported to a moderator.

Merry Meet,

We want Divine Essence to be a home of many pagan traditions. A coven made by it's members. A coven where learning and teaching go hand in hand. We are all teachers and students who can share and learn from each other. We want to build a bond with you and let peace flow through our environment.

What Divine Essence has to offer:

Our members follow different paths and we try to cater to everyone. We teach something new each month to help us grow, and to be sure everyone has their chance to teach or learn their desired path. Some of the things we specialize in include:

  • Chakra
  • Divination (Runes, Scrying, Tarot, etc)
  • Dragon Magick
  • Mythology
  • Spell Casting and Rituals (How to write, cast, and perform a spell/ritual properly)
  • Wicca

Divine Essence Application: Please mail the Priest Tadashi your application We check profiles before you join, so please have a profile picture (if not then please say why you can't) and something in your bio. Big or small, just keep it clean.

  • How long have you been studying and practicing magick?
  • What topics are you most knowledgeable about?
  • What topics do you need help with?
  • Have you been in any other coven on SoM? If so, which ones?
  • Have you been in any other coven outside of SoM?
  • What are you going to contribute to the coven?
  • What are you expecting to learn from this coven?
  • If anyone joins who is new or confused we will be here to help. Remember, we all have something to learn and teach. We all begin our journey knowing little. If there's anything you can offer your neighbour, then please do so.

    Members and Council:

    While we feel everyone in the coven can learn as well as teach, a member is a person who is here to learn and council members typically teach. Council members have proven their knowledge, but council must take on many jobs because they have proven responsible as well. The Council must be able to assume all roles: Teacher, Leader, and Student. If you are a member, do not feel bad because we are a small coven and need only a few in our council. Everyone has a say and the ability to improve this coven. Council is also chosen by the existing council and leaders through a nomination and a vote. Please do not mail a council member to be picked. That will not be tolerated. The council consist of members who are knowledgeable, helpful, responsible, friendly, and active.

    Sister Covens:

    Please treat our sister covens with respect. We care for all of them and we help out each other. If we find out you've been disrespecting them you will be out of the coven. They are our brothers and sisters. We are one big family to learn from each other. Discrimination, hate, and disrespect will not be tolerated! Blessings to Baying Wolves, Council of Knowledge, Eclipse, The Immortal's Keep, and The Path of the Shaman

    Brightest of Blessings. Wishing you love, care, and support;

    Our family- Divine Essence

    Thank you to our former priests and priestesses for contributing so much to the coven.



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