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Ai Mantra Talisman Techno
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This canbe some Knowledge of something very important that perhaps many are unaware of. I created this post to reply multiple forums at once.

  1. Using aifor Magical Purposes

    • Artificial intelligence can now be used to search for the meanings of mantras or spells word by word, even down to the prefixes and suffixes by breaking down words into smaller parts.
      • This is excellent for avoiding sentence translations, which sometimes a bit wrong or stray from the original meaning, as is currently happening on many websites.
      • This is particularly helpful for those who practice Hinduism and Buddhism . Im not sure about Taoism .
    • The meanings of "Multiple per Word"in Sanskrit and Pali are very hard to find on the internet, but with the help of current artificial intelligence, even though the accuracy can be said to be more than 90% depending on the prompts and aiyou input,
      • You can learn quickly without searching at a glossary or index on a website.
      • Comparing it with sentence-by-sentence meanings makes the Meaning easier to Know and understand.
  2. After all, there are some Buddhist mantras:

    • such as the Prajnaparamita , which are meant to be understood and used as guidance on how to achieve nirvana . Also, the long version of Da Bei Zhou in Sanskrit (romanized) can even be translated from a photo.

      • Note : (Definitely more than 95% possible for Sanskrit, Tested fine, also forPali, but not so much tested, many Thai i cannot do, have not even tried Chinese)

  3. The Right Frequency
    • However, some mantras from Hindu and Tibetan cultures are called bijaor seed mantras , which dont have a meaning but have a frequency and sound vibration to open certain connections, written on the petals of flowers or chakras on Yantras , Chakra Petal Mantras .
    • Note : Hum and Kshah in Ajna petals, same like in Tibetan Kalachakra mantra, Shiva and Shakti , its interesting right?
    • Ancient languages like Sanskrit, Hebrew, and Egyptian have frequency elements almost identical to the objects thought of when spoken, unlike modern English and many other modern languages.
  4. From Primitive to Evolved

    • What if a circle is replaced with mantra writing or text wrapping around to form a circle?
    • Instead of creating an image, symbol, sigil, pictogram, hieroglyph with lines and curves, what if we replace it with written prayers, spells, or incantations that wrap around shapes like squares, triangles, even stars?
    • And more complex than drawing objects like birds, tigers, horses, dragons, swords, clothes, chakras, vajras, building blueprints, hands, even people, what if we create them with many magical writings wrapping text to each curve, line, loop in the image?
    • Even more complex if combined with many bija mantras , ancient long mantras, runes, magic squares, planet cubes, numbers, magic alphabets , like Khmer, Sanskrit, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese ancient language pictograms and other ancient languages.
  5. Magical Combination

    • These are known as Yantras , Sak Yant , Daoist Talismans , Arabic and Hebrew Talismans , Amulets , Charms . I dont know what the Jewish and Arab ones are called, like those in the legendary book Shams al Maarif al Buni or the book of sun gnosis .
    • What if these talismans are carved or written on magic wands, Altar , Temple, Athame knives , Javanese Kris , stones, crystals, small obelisks, or pyramids, etc.?
    • Even more complex if added with hand signs ( Hindu and Mudra , Kuji-In ), practices like the Chinese shamanic cosmic orbit, music notes for hymns (right frequencies) , complicated colorings, and various material elements, metallurgy, and quantities of other ritual objects.
  6. The Analogy of Magical Technology with Computer and Machine Technology

    • This is what is actually called Perfection and evolved, like a computer that uses thousands of components on the motherboard.
    • Each component is not random; it may look chaotic, but it is actually order (space-time, make order from chaos),
    • Where every position has been calculated with numbers and scientific principles precisely, and after one device is complete with all its elements,
    • Like software and programming languages like the words in incantations, mantras, and spells ,
    • Then it is combined with another device that only then with tens of thousands of kinds of geometry,
    • that exist within it on a micro even nano and also molecular level, only then can it work accurately and precisely for us all, Everything iscomplexand is not something simple , and
    • This is the same as the physical body consisting of small varied and numerous cells.
  7. What We Need to Do This

    • Technologies like online pdf books, ocr, photo editors (to rotate and wrap), ai, Search for (Hard to find) Hidden Internet Sites are very useful in deciphering the contents and meanings of the Talisman, Amulet, Charm, and even some images within them.
    • Indeed, we must memorize alphabets and numbers in other languages like Hebrew, Arabic, Sanskrit, Khmer, etc., and perhaps some ancient pictograms? and hieroglyphs, because pictograms are simple paintings of what is seen in reality.
    • Example: The book Yantras Heavenly Geometry by Govinda das Aghori is about mantras in yantra images.
    • Of course, Memory Loss is the problem for all human being, What is the point of learning but forget everything in the future times , even taste of expensive delicious food, and happy moment we always tend to forget in future, so try to remember, then what about past live knowledge? Like in Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 Text 5
  8. Cause and Effect

    • No matter how knowledgeable a practitioner is, but the core is still the person themselves. If the person is weak, they will remain weak, but what about with the help of other spiritual beings?
    • For example, there is a 200-page neurolinguistic book by Dantalion Jones created with the help of Dantalion , 71th Goetia , even write companionship in page 8.
    • But some things to consider are ethics and morals in our actions because religious knowledge must also align with studying/trying such things.
    • There is no magical knowledge that is purely for good, because any magic can be modified to create evil.
    • Many people out there become mentally ill because they try something they dont understand and modify something without extensive knowledge, so its better to be careful and think it through.
    • This is not a fake imagination like in dramas, cartoons, anime, comics, theater films, fiction books, fake spells, which are clearly very different from the terrifying reality.
  9. Other Things

    • From many trials, there is only one social media that really teaches us about esoteric knowledge the fastest, but Im confused whether I can write it here?
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