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Unleash your aura that's been locked up! Once summoned, you may use your aura for powers and tricks with it involved. This is real! I've done it! I promise!

Casting Instructions for 'Unlock your Aura'

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your mind
  • A calm setting
You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Your mind
  • A calm setting
This will unlock your inner aura.

First, close your eyes. Relax and remove all thoughts from your mind. Pretend you're in a room. The room is completely white. There is nothing in the room; no furniture, no decorations, just plain blank white.

On the other side of the room, you notice, is a door. The door is also plain white. Now make yourself head over towards the door. Now, reach out your hand and firmly grasp the doorknob. Feel the cold dry metal under your palm. Even though its in your mind, still pretend that you are actually feeling all of this. Feel like you're experiencing this all yourself in reality.

You should now open the door. There is another room. This one is completely black. You cannot see the walls or the floor or anything. It looks like just an empty space. In the center of the room is a stand. It's bright white contrasting from the rest of the room.

On top of the stand is an orb. That orb is the first color that comes to mind. Keep that color and do not change it unless that color is naturally changing from the beginning, which is highly unlikely. Reach towards that orb. No matter how hard it is to grasp it in your mind, take hold of the orb and hold tight. And remember to stay relaxed during this whole thing. As soon as you can reach the orb and you grab it, open your eyes.

Congratulations. You have successfully taken hold of your aura. You can now control it in more ways than you can fathom. Good luck!


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What if it is changing different colors?

Feb 16, 2019
yeah I got the same ting

Mar 18, 2019
The colour of ones aura changes depending on mood and health. Some believe there's a colour it goes to naturally, but you aura will change, if you're angry or scared, not only colour but shape and distance from your body.

What If in my mind I dropped the orb and it shattered the color was spilling everywhere?

Feb 24, 2019
That does not sound good. Where you able to fix it @wolveslife?

Mar 18, 2019
It sounds bad, but I doubt it means you lost your aura. Auras are an invisible energy field around all living things [and inanimate objects too apparently] you're aura is fine, you still have one, and you can try again. I would guess you got nervous and subconsciously sabotage yourself. When I began practicing astral projection the exercise called for me to ''float'' to the ceiling, then turn and see my physical self lying there meditating bellow. The idea always freaked me out so I would always snap myself back to the physical before I completed the exercise. Keep trying, you'll get it. You might wish to try other exercises to see auras if this one is worrying you. Place your hand a few inches away from a solid coloured wall and look at the wall, you should start to see a thin outline around your hand/arm, that's how I saw my aura for the very first time. I also use to stare just above people heads on the bus to school, that's another simple way to practice. Once you feel a up to it, try again.

What do the different colors mean? I got purple, and is there anyway I can find out what that means, if it means anything? I'm new to this whole thing so could someone help me out?

Mar 18, 2019
Again, colours change for a number of reasons, purple might be your baseline or resting state. Purple is spiritual and visionary. First time I saw my aura it was orange [good health and creative] but now I usually see it as blue [calm and intuitive]

Three question 1. Is it ok if it seemed animated in my head? 2. It it ok if it was rushed in my head? 3. And finally is it ok if the orb was the same shade of whit e as the stand?

Mar 18, 2019
The answer to all three is ''it's fine'' everyone visualizes in their own way, I don't see anything wrong with what you did

what does it mean if their are multiple orbs and a demon int he same room but I accept the demon as my child and I fuse together to make a black orb and then put the black orb in my soul.

Mar 18, 2019
It means you've got a really good imagination [thats a joke btw] I doubt it's an actual demon, since this is a visualization technique where you're entering your subconscious mind, I would assume you feel confused or torn [since there's multiple orbs] and choosing a demon, I feel it's more symbolic of giving in to temptation and more ''dark'' options in life. I would try meditating more, perhaps try to communicate with this demon of yours.

Jul 08, 2019
Would be a good anime idea buddy

What if the orb is just a bright light!! What does this mean?

Feb 23, 2020
That's normal.

What if my aura is clear?

Jan 25, 2020
It's fine

If an orb is none color, what is mean ?

Oct 05, 2019
By no color, I assume you mean clear or white. The first color that pops up in your mind.White is technically a color, but clear is not.

Nov 09, 2019
he could also be speaking about magnetic fields which appear before any color on sensing auras and how i learned to see before hand before i inhale my target i see the magnetic fields before i integrate them into my self threw breathing

Hi guys , this kind of imagination is not working for me, can you guys recommend some other method to do this and has the same effect also I am searching for a locate spell that can search for lost pets or animals and capture them

Jul 26, 2019
hate to break it to ya, but this kind of imagination is what is used in most spells. Just keep trying and don't give up hope.

It doesn't work for me :(

May 19, 2019
That's fine, everything has an aura, it's just an energy field around your body, keep trying, or look into other techniques to see your aura, but just because this didn't work doesn't mean you don't have an aura, or another spell/ritual won't work for you.

How do I know if it worked or not, is there a way to tell? And what does it mean if when I held the orb I started crying?

Apr 18, 2020
What was your emotion when you were crying

i need help on this can someone teach me.

I tried it one time and it worked for me =3=, but thats because I meditate alot, but tbh if you guys want it to work, I will say do it your own way you don't need to follow this at all, but doing it this way will work as well lol, but I just did my own thing and it felt so awesome energy is so warming to me and how it flows I love so much. Oh yeah at the time I seen the energy it was a ocean blue and when I got closer to it, it changed to a pink color it was so beautiful.

I am seeing 3 images. One with me shattering a red orb. Another with me fumbling around and trying to get a good grip on a purple orb and a picture with me having a firm grip on a black orb. What does it mean.

Jan 25, 2020
Trying to change your life style maybe

mine was black and red the colors kinda floated around together but never mixed

Oct 13, 2020
Like marble countertops, or ink being sprayed in some water?

does it help if you meditate?

How do I control its radiating?

My aura was the loading symbol on my mac

Dec 13, 2020
Ok I don’t that’s your aura. Try again and tell me what you see

What does a blue aura mean???

Jan 25, 2020
What does blue mean to you

mine kept rapidly changing colors for some reason. what does that mean?

Jul 26, 2019
perhaps you are feeling a lot of different emotions at once. It's impossible for me to tell you with an exact answer because i'm fairly new

I was standing in the white room and I walked up to the door, but the door was a dark oak door. I kept on closing and opening the door. The door was slowly turning white. The other room was pitch black and there was a white pedestal but no aura. I closed the door completely this time and walked away. Does anyone know what this means? (I only know what the other room looks like because of the glimpses I caught from opening and closing the door quickly.)

Jul 31, 2019
I keep on trying to go back. This time I walked to the door, it was white but I didn't open it because I somehow knew it wouldn't open. Instead, I reached my arm up and some invisible entity/force pulled me by my arm while floating above my head and pulled me away from the door, further away into the white room. (The entity didn't seem bad, it seemed more as of guiding and caring) Does anyone know what this means?

Nov 09, 2019
even if this entity seemed good its parasitic in nature the only way this could occur is with your permission to be there if not hear another life perhaps .some of these higher dimensional beings even the dark ones are lower 5th dimensional can only interact with you if you allow it i would try working you soul contract and writing this entity out of or figure out its connection you need to be on the verge of sleep enter into a hypnogogic state and envision your spirt contract as you pop out of your body if there is an entity it should reveal its self ive written off all entitys with similaritys to both the lion and serpent myself(can no longer contact Michiel )you can also stay in your body to do this if you do you can feel and hear the energy in the brain as your cross things out and write things new . this is how i cured my self of fear of heights its seems my past self died from falling and agreed that heights were scary thus binding it on my soul.

can we actually see the aura?

I saw an orb that was greenish yellow. Interesting.

My Aura is brown what does that mean?

Is it bad if I see people in the black room? I tried to change my mind but it wouldn't work. Also is there something wrong if the orb is multiple colors?

Dec 13, 2020
The answer to both is no. For multiple colors, maybe your are just feeling a bunch of emotions at once. For the people, maybe your subconscious wanted special people there with you.

My aura was a mixture of mint, blue, and purple and it looked like a thin glass ball filled with the colors in like a liquid form. Just they were not mixed together and it was like animated

Is it a problem if you can’t visualize? I can imagine sounds and the way something feels (physically and emotionally) but for the life of me I can’t see anything! Is that bad?

Jan 11, 2020
That's actually a small medical condition. Nothing bad you can cure it. It just takes a lot more practice for you. Tell a doctor and they might be able to help you

Do you need to be in a kind of position

Mine was gold and moving a little, like vibrating, what does that mean?

Hey, I'm a bit new to this and I was wondering how exactly do you know if this works or not? Do you see your aura after this? Also, what does it mean if the orb was like orange with pink blobs and kind of glowing and moving oddly?

Oct 13, 2020
It shows what your aura is at the point of this excersise. From what you described, evrything seems normal, except for it moving oddly. Could you possibly tell me more?

I’ve got the white room and white door the metal of the handle but I can’t open the door, there’s something else in there

hello, everyone, I'm new to this and my friend introduced me to this so I'm I think 50%, not a believer and 50% a believer because I could feel the aura of my friend so what do I need to do >.

uhhhmmm i began spinning around very hard in the white room and i lifted off while spinning?

How can I see my aura, I've been having an hard time meditating and i don't know why. Every time a try everything just seems so unfocused and i don't know how to correct this. Can someone please help or give me some advise.

Oct 11, 2019
to begin meditating it's basically to let your thoughts flow past you, a guided meditation such as this might be a bit too advanced if you struggle with ''sit and relax''. if you wish to see your aura, a simple method to try is to look slightly past someone. hold your hand in front of a blank wall [nothing too strenuous, a simple cream colour works] now stare past your hand at the wall, you should begin to see an outline which would be your aura [this is different from when you unfocus your eyes and it looks like you have ''ghost fingers''] another method i use is if you're in public [say on a bus] look at peoples heads/shoulders, just a little past them, you should see a haze or outline hovering just above them. as you practice you will begin to see colours, layers, and even shapes. best of luck to you

Should I feel myslef in the room after concentrate enough

is it really this simple? somehow i thought unlucking your aura would require hours of meditation 🤔🤔🤔

Oct 13, 2020
It varies from person to person. No two people react the same with this kind of person.

What happens if I cant imagine myself in a room or I cant see a ball of color? Should I just keep trying? Do I need to meditate (being that I dont)?

I really like this idea. It's very instructional and I think is a great starting point in practicing deep meditation/self hypnosis. Well done!

It took me 30 minutes to do this....but... I was in the white room and I could see a brighter white like flickering colors under the door... I reached the door handle and turned it... And I heard it squeak and I went into the room I could see my reflection on the floor.... I then was walking in and these shadow hands tried to grab it. But couldn't because around the orb was vibrations and a smaller white orb with like a light tail and it kept the show hands away and once I got to the podium i reach for my orb and it was slowly changing colors and once it was it my hands it settled on orange and i tired around to walk away with it and a demon face screamed in mine and i opened my eyes.....

Dec 13, 2020
Oh..this looks like maybe a demon or bad entity is trying to do something with you or your aura, but luckily your aura or subconscious wasn’t letting it. Try soul communication or soul contact and let me know how it goes

What dose is mean when right after I did it I saw a black shadow appear and the disappear

Nov 29, 2019
then not the*

Hi. Im new anyone can guide me here??

what does it mean if your aura is black?

Dec 29, 2019
According my research Black aura represents Turmoil, chaos, and negativity

what if my orb dissipated when I reached to grab it?

Jan 25, 2020
Try again

Is it normal for the white room to be like a light grey instead of white?

Is it normal for the white room to be like a light grey instead of white?

Just tried it. Tricky visualization but the spell actually works

What's the standard time shiuld all this take

What does it mean if my aura is white and after I touched the orb my heart pumped hard

My mind was so un-calm, so to speak, that the only place I could do this was within my nous.

worked for me after some attempts

What if the orb turned into a child? I know that's a weird thing to ask but that's what happened to mine.

Jan 12, 2020
since it's your personal experience, I would reflect on the symbolism and how you felt about the discovery. personally, it could represent your inner child or a new experience.

what if mine was pure black, does that mean anything?

Feb 08, 2020
forgot to add I couldn't get it

Feb 08, 2020
so I did it again but this time it was black and grey not mixing just the two of the colors floating around each other, what does that mean

Feb 09, 2020
perhaps you need a cleanse? as we go through our daily routine, negative energy rubs off on us [think of the person who cut in front of you, you get annoyed, and a bit of negative energy is stuck to you] regular grounding, shielding and cleansings can reduce the negative energy build up. as for colour theory, black and grey both have psychic representations, black also represents beginnings, protection and truth.

What if I try to relax but I can't because my cat is snoring so loud..

I was experiencing this with a friend, and we actually saw each other, I moved away from my friend a few months ago. And when I saw her I got freaked out in my mind, but when she did something I saw her do it, and I didn't know what she was wearing, she told me, and it was the same as what I saw her in the experience. I'm SUPER freaked out! Please tell me what this means!

Feb 23, 2020
Astral forms. It could have been your intuition psychically linking with your friend, or they could have been projecting without knowing [but if you were chatting as they appeared, I would theorize your clairvoyance was linking with them and you were able to see their energy as if they were present] You have nothing to worry about, you simply have a spiritual/energy connection with your friend [I have one with my grandmother, we've visited each other like this, and there have been times one of us will sense the other needs help] look into energy work, balancing your chakras, and meditating to help you get a better grasp on it.

This is my favorite spell to use for people who don't believe in magick! It isn't consent based because they don't think it is magick!

I thought an aura was magic energy

Mine changed at first then stayed blue when I picked it up. Is that supposed to happen?

I didn't see an aura... no orb, nothing... does that mean anything?

Mine was white and i absorbed the orb. It got brighter and then dissipated. Is that normal?

Is it bad if I try and I cant see a a white room or anything but blackness

Mar 27, 2020
I am mainly asking @Nekoshema

Mar 28, 2020
It's fine. You might need to balance your chakras and/or practise your visualization, but the key is you feel it. If you can sense your aura, you're doing it correctly.

I did exactly what you did and the aura was changing in the orb and then stopped on orange then I grabbed it and opened my eyes so how do I use my aura cause I grabbed it I just don’t know how to like activate it like how to use it

Apr 03, 2020
@Nekoshema I need your help

Apr 03, 2020
I had a dream and my aura changed to black what does that mean

Apr 03, 2020
Your aura is your natural energy field. Its shape, colour and distance from your body changes over time [if you're sick, scared, or excited, this can change these aspects] If you saw it as black, it could mean you have a lot of negative energy built up as most associate the colour with negative energy. If you wish to use it, I would look into some basic energy exercises. There's one I use for my aura to cleanse it [why yours might be appearing black, you have other peoples energy gunking it up] get into a relaxed/meditative state. Close your eyes and visualize your aura as a ball of light surrounding you [if you like orange, go with orange] but you might notices gaps and spaces in it [representing energy you picked up from others] Place your hand over your heart and take a few deep inhales. After 3, tap your chest with your hand and visualize your aura pulling closer to you, leaving the off coloured specks behind [again, pick whichever colour stands out to you. I would go with a dark blue as it would be opposite of orange] take 3 more deep breathes, feeling your aura draw closer [you might feel a warmth or comfortable sensation] as the specks float around you, say ''I send you back from whence you came, our energy is not the same'' then visualize the specks fly off far away from you. Now, visualize your aura, see if there are any holes, and visualize them closing with the energy of your aura sealing it. [you might wish to all try grounding and shielding to get a full energy work out] you should feel calm, balanced, and content once finished. I hope that helped.

what if it had a glass wall around it?

Apr 09, 2020
and the glass is unbreakable

Nov 25, 2021
That happened with mine too idk what it means

My orb was a swirling color of a grayish silver, turquoise and white, kind of like smoke moving in a glass ball

I think I actually unlocked my aura I could feel the my aura coming off my skin but reading everyone messages got my colors confused and I was sort of forcing it to be a color but in the end I stoped and got clear

Is That Possible To Unlock My Inner Power Guys

How do you know if it worked??

wonder what a Rose Gold aura means

May 03, 2020
What do you feel it means? How did you feel? Colour correspondences are traditional interpretations of the colours, but depending on how you felt about the colour, it could change. Traditionally, pink is all aspects of love and all forms of peace [mind, body, spirit] as well as feminine energies while gold is good luck and fortune, success, solar and masculine energies. It could represent balance in all things. What do you feel about rose gold? What does it symbolize to you? Take time to journal and meditate on the idea and see how you feel or if any imagery comes up.

After I did it, my vision was really blurry, idk what that means also, I have a feeling it didn't really work for me. Ill try it again. XD

May 03, 2020
Im having trouble visualizing ;w;

I did this and everything went perfectly but I forgot to pick up the orb

I did it again but when I tried to pick the orb up my diafram chakra hurt really badly.

Nekoshema I need help I've been able to visualize it really well for the past few tries but now it's hard and when I try to visualize the black room I start mini spasming

May 30, 2020
Stop trying this ritual. I think it worked for you, but you charged your solar plexus with the orb [hence the pain] aura's aren't really ''locked away'' and there's plenty of methods one can use to connect with them. It sounds like you completed this ritual, but by redoing it, you supercharged the energy. I would ground and balance your chakras to help the energy flow. If you choose to try this again I would wait a month or two to rest.

Thank you for the advice.

What do you do once you've grabbed hold of your aura?

Jan 31, 2021
You have to open your eyes. I am new at this but this is what is writen in the instructions. :)

what does it mean if the orb is a mix of white, black, and gray?

What exactly do you do once you take hold of your aura?

My question is does this work

Sep 01, 2020
Try it and see for yourself.

Sep 01, 2020
Well can't say no to that

Sep 03, 2020
Okay so i did what now

Mine was green what does that mean

My aura is usually silver, but it changes according to health, emotion, and even the spell I am casting. Sometimes I do a darker spell and my aura will be dark grey, or a brown so dark it looks black. Sometimes I use lighter magicks and my aura is silver or green or purple. It just depends on the person.

My friend and I think she sees auras as a symbol or scene, for example, for me she sees a blue crescent moon over a still and dark forest, for our other friend she sees a glowing green skull in a dark space, is this really her seeing auras, or is this related to something else?

What if your door is locked? Mine was locked so

Dec 07, 2020
I got pretty scared @Nekoshema

Well. I am a very imaginative person. So how do I know it actually worked or I am just imagining stupid stuff?

Jan 31, 2021
You should feel the energy shift, you might also be able to see your aura now [hold your hand a foot away from a solid coloured wall, and look at the wall, you should see an outline of your hand a few inches away from your hand. As you improve, you should see colour too]

What if i cant get to the white room, like im closing my eyes and trying to imagine it but there is nothing.

Question, What if the orb was black?

After I unlocked it, I felt so calm. Is that usual?

I couldn't get it because something or someone was snatching it away from me!!!

ok so I had a really weird experience with this. I was in the black room and I could see the whit stand on the far end of the room. I could see something glowing on top of it and as I approached it got clearer, I could see the orb. it was mostly black with some dark red patches mixing into it. when I picked it up I felt it almost melt and flow into my hand through my veins to the rest of my body and it felt really good, and then I could see it all around me too. after this I tried opening my eyes physically but I couldn't, no matter how much I tried. btw I strained my arm so I had an ice pack resting on it throughout this process. suddenly I felt as if I was floating upward and I couldn't stop, I couldn't snap out of it. the only thing that brought me back to consciousness was when my ice pack fell into my lap and it startled me awake. it was really freaky for me tbh.

Aug 17, 2021
Sounds to me like you were astrally projecting [maybe something was pulling you out] but your body's natural defences pulled you back. It happens to me around Samhain [spirits pull me out of my body] I suggest wearing a protection charm or casting a circle next time you do a guided meditation.

I love 💕 this one. I tried this in meditation. I failed

How would I know if it's worked?

i keeo getting distracted as im turning the knob, im going to keep trying but does this mean anything?

Nov 04, 2021
mine started out white, but turned black as i approached it. it had a few white flickers as i picked it up, but nothing notable happened when i did.

Mine wasn't one solid color it was a bunch of orange balls cooped up in a clear glass ball what does this mean

Dec 28, 2021
I am not sure but it doesnt sound normal but doesn’t sound bad so try ask someone who you know does spells too

It felt like a surge of energy is that ment to happen?

Last time I did this it was violet but I did it again and now it’s white, is that ment to happen?

my body was glowing an opal bluish color. as for my orb it was opal at first, then turned red in the middle of the orb, then middle pink, then middle purple..... I have no clue what this means.

My orb was like a deep purple cloud on the inside, it was really big and heavy too, what would this mean? I'm kind of scared it gave me chills when I opened my eyes

Aug 03, 2022
No need to be scared. There are many reasons why you could have formed such an orb. And none of them would be in any way dangerous.

There are a couple things to be mindful of;

Energy at its root is merely motion. Be it physical motion, emotional motion, movement of will (intent), motion of thought (consciousness) and of course light. Among many other forms. Energy itself does not have shape or color or weight unless we attribute those qualities to it in observation.

Second, Action follows thought; in the case of energy-working this means enery's forms and attributes are directed by the worker's intent and guidance. Our emotional, mental, and spiritual states lend qualities to the form, color, and vibration of the energy just as much as our intent/goals do.

What this stuff means is that energy is in essence a mirror, reflecting ourselves within it's qualities. If you look into a mirror and see a zit on your nose, the mirror didn't put it there, it is just allowing you to discover it's presence. Practicing exercises like making orbs, while being mindful, is the same thing. It gives a way to see what is there.

Generally, heaviness in energy can be associated with a lowered vibration, like through depression, anxiety, or other imbalanced states of negativity or absence. It doesn't mean something is bad, but perhaps that something is missing or lacking. Though then that heaviness tends to be accompanied with those sorts of emotions, along with feelings of weakness, the 'shakes', chills, etc. And, even as Freud has said sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Maybe the heaviness is something entirely mundane like your arms getting tired from holding them out for as long as you did.

And generally purples and violets are associated with feelings of healing, Self-awareness, and enlightenment or even ascension as you get into the deep violets and beyond. If you are seeing such colors 'trapped' within a heaviness then that could be reflective of something you are holding on to that is holding you back from your potential or growth. Something that you are holding on to that may be causing stress, worry, or breaking your confidence/trust in yourself.

What does it mean if I tried this and I immediately started crying

Nov 11, 2022
Crying is a healing process of processing and releasing emotions like sadness, sense of loss, regret, mourning, or wanting things you don't have the ability to gain.

My first thought would be that you have pent-up emotions you need to face and release. It is not uncommon for people to start encountering old (even forgotten) emotional baggage while getting into energy-working. Those sorts of emotions are like voices trying to get your attention so you can hear what they have to say. Acts of focus and meditation are about finding stillness and being observant. Suddenly you are putting yourself in a room made quiet and no longer drowning out those voices. Time to start listening.

But. Take charge and tackle small bits at a time.

I recommend a bit of mental preparation, and taking some time to spend a few sessions of meditation specifically towards shadow-work. ... get still, get observant, and then declare to yourself you are going to explore where the crying comes from. Start a train of thought by prompting yourself with gentle questions. What emotion is making you cry? Is it sadness? What kind of sadness. Has that sadness been on your mind for a long time? What situation gave birth to that sadness? Why is that situation not resolved? Is there something you can change to resolve it? If not, is there a perspective or lesson to learn from that situation that will help you grow as an individual from it? Doesit even -need- to be resolved, or has it just been needing to be seen and recognised/remembered/processed as a thing that happened? And so on. Follow the trail of your thoughts, let them jump around topics if you get off track, see if it circles back around to being relevant. Be a student of your own mind. And let your discoveries lead to letting go of the emotional hold of your shadow.

Mine was rainbow

What is the best time to do this spell? Like when is it at its highest point of working?

I want people to create more like this

I was unable to picture this. The white room was spinning and I was levitating and couldn't make it to the door

Feb 11, 2024
This could have been a couple of things. My first thought is how often do you practice visualization? This is a guided meditation where you're expected to visualize specific things. If you're not used to creating perfect images in your mind, it could pull you out of your meditation and prevent you from completing the journey. Second, you felt the room spinning and levitation, which makes me believe you were unintentionally astral projecting. This can occur when you're in these altered states [especially with the new moon that just passed, the energy's a little wonky] Your aura doesn't need unlocking [it's a natural energy field around you] but if you want to try it again, I would practice visualization, and ground before trying this meditation again. Best of luck ^_^

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